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Early Voting begins Tuesday, October 13th.

VOTE—it’s your right and your responsibility!

Dr. James Dobson's Open Letter to All Christians & Jews Regarding the Upcoming Election

This will be my final letter to 800,000 people before Americans cast our ballots on November 3rd. It is a breathtaking moment in the history of the United States. Many political commentators have stated that this election is the most significant since 1864, when Abraham Lincoln vied for a second term against Democratic nominee, George McClellan. The future of our beloved nation hung in the balance that year. If Lincoln had lost, the Civil War would have ended precipitously and the wretched evils of slavery would have remained legal in the Confederate States, and perhaps even in the North. Had Lincoln been defeated, the Union would have been torn asunder. Thank God Mr. Lincoln won, even though it cost him his life!  Now we are approaching another presidential election that carries enormous implications for the stability of our democratic system of government. Indeed, Newt Gingrich said that what we are facing now might bring an end to civilization as we have known it. He may have been referring to a possible revolution. Regardless, I believe his grave concern for our nation is valid. For centuries, America has stood as a shining light for liberty and freedom in our nation and around the globe. If we abandon our founding core values, the world will suffer for it. The binary choice before us is that stark. How will Americans, and how will you, decide who to vote for as our Chief Executive Officer? I have heard from dozens of friends and acquaintances in recent weeks who tell me they will base their decision solely on a candidate's rhetoric, tone, style, or likeability. Does that describe your thinking process?

Just now, as I was about to react to that idea, my wife, Shirley, brought in an email that she had received a few minutes before from a friend. It quoted an anonymous statement that gets to the heart of the issue, as follows: "This is not a junior high or high school popularity/personality contest. I'm not voting for the person—I'm voting for the platform! I'm voting for the Second Amendment. I'm voting for the next Supreme Court justice. I'm voting for the electoral college. I'm voting for the Republic in which we live. I'm voting for the police and law and order. I'm voting for the military and the veterans who fought and died for this country. I'm voting for the flag that is often missing from public events. I'm voting for the right to speak my opinion and not be censored for it. I'm voting for secure borders. I'm voting for the right to praise God without fear. I'm voting for every unborn soul that is at risk of being aborted. I'm voting for freedom and the American dream. I'm voting for good and against evil. I'm not just voting for one person. I'm voting for the future of my country!"

I couldn't have said it better, although I want to add to the writer's list. I'm also voting for candidates who will exercise sound leadership internationally. I'm voting for those who will support Israel. I'm voting for those who will protect children from leftist curricula. I'm voting for the nation's fiscal integrity. I'm voting for parental rights. I'm voting for school choice and home education. I'm voting for freedom in the suburbs. I'm voting for Little Sisters of the Poor and other Christian organizations. I'm voting for racial unity. I am voting to support "In God we trust" and school prayer. I'm voting for freedom of conscience for physicians and other professionals. I am voting for marriage. I am voting for life in all its dimensions. I am voting against euthanasia and physician-assisted suicide. I'm voting for wisdom in handling the pandemic. I am voting for protection for the Church from oppressive politicians.

One final thought: With all respect, this election isn't about you. It certainly isn't about me. It is about our kids and grandkids. It is about those who are yet to come, if they are allowed to live. This vote has awesome implications for future generations and the nation we love. It is about our Constitution and the immutable, God-given rights it protects. It is about values, and truth, and greatness, and hope. That is why the notion of choosing a president based on frivolous personality characteristics is so unfortunate. In summary, this election is for all the marbles . . . the Presidency, the House of Representatives, the Senate, and the Supreme Court. Together, they set the agenda for this country. If you love America and don't want it to be "fundamentally transformed”, it is time to do three things: (1) Pray like never before that God will spare this great nation from tyranny and oppression of religious liberty. (2) Volunteer to help your candidates. (3) Vote for the candidates who will best uphold your values and convictions.  Also, consider forwarding this letter to your friends, family, and others whom you might influence. 

May God bless America!

Four weeks. Four Events.

Let's Do Lunch

Wednesday, December 2nd; 11:00AM-1:00PM

Join us for a special service of Christmas carols followed by a complimentary lunch. This will be a great way to kick off the Christmas season.


Women of Grace Christmas Dinner and Concert

Tuesday, December 8th; 6:00-8:00PM

Cost: $10 per person (includes dinner and dessert)

Please join us for a Christmas dinner and concert here at Grace. The Men of Grace will be hosting this year's event. Make sure to bring a friend, you don't want to miss it. To reserve your place, payment is required, cash or check. See Info Booth Sunday to sign up. For more information contact the church office at 713-465-4252.


Kids Sno-ball Fight and Movie Night

Sunday, December 13th; 4:00-7:00PM

We’ll start the night with a sock sno-ball fight and then will be showing a family Christmas movie. The socks will be given to the homeless after the event. Complimentary pizza and popcorn will also be served. You will not want to miss this!


Christmas Eve Candlelight Communion Service

Thursday, December 24th; 5:00-5:45PM

Our Christmas Eve service is a very special night of songs, scripture and a beautiful Candlelight Communion Service. It has become a treasured holiday tradition here at Grace. Don't forget to invite family and friends to join you. 


If you are looking for a way to serve, look no further.

We have tons of areas where everyone, from all walks of life, can serve.

If you have any questions about any of these opportunites, please let us know.

Here are just a few of our volunteer opportunities.  You may have a desire to serve in a ministry not listed here.  Please contact and let us know how you would like to serve.

  • Missions team / service projects

  • Greeters at the entrance doors on Sunday mornings

  • Greeter/usher for worship service and special events

  • Nursery greeter / Children's ministry support

  • Serving on the worship team / Creative Arts

  • Communications team / Social media / Photography

  • Men's Ministry / Women's Ministry